A space for black women to learn and explore technology.

blackgirl.tech started in 2014 as an organisation that aimed to provide a safe space for black girls and women in the tech industry and those coming into the tech industry. Since then, it has grown into a social enterprise that not only provides a safe space for black women, but that aims to make tech a safer space for black women and girls. We now run a blog, a podcast and events.

The goal of blackgirl.tech isn’t to make everyone a coder but to introduce coding to those who may have never been exposed and to create an environment that fosters sharing, learning and growth.

Core Team

Lola Odelola

Rebecca Francis
Operations Manager

Derek Baker
Programms Manager

Daniel Liburd
Lead Tutor

Ogaga Emuveyan
Media & Communications Manager

Advisory Board

Yvonne Guobadia
Senior Business Analyst

Meri Williams
Chief Technical Officer (Moo)